Jill + Steven | Victorian Winter Themed | Engagement Session | Moore State Park

Once upon a time…
There was a teenager named Steven, who was known for getting Artist of the Year every year without fail. He was so confident in his skills of drawing monsters and animals that he had little interest in announcing his abilities to his new high school, Bay Path.
Well one fateful day Senior Superlatives rolled around for his senior year at Bay Path. There was hustle and bustle about who is the best looking, who is the most likely to succeed, sure Steven was a shoe-in for Artist of the Year! He was not only talented but he was genuinely a nice guy. What could possibly go wrong?
“Artist of the Year, Jillian Light”
“Whose this Jillian Light girl stealing my thunder!?” Steven asked Josh Hoppenbrower (aka Hoppy). Hoppy looked up and pointed her out.
Steven stood up without hesitation and sauntered over to this “Jillian Light” girl with a brand new self confidence that he had never experienced before.
“You’re that Jillian Light girl that won Artist of the year, right?” He stated as he sat down besides her.
A brief competitive conversation bounced between the two playfully until Jillian said, “Alright, how about you bring your art in and I’ll truthfully tell you if you’re better than me or not.” “Alright! Sounds like a deal. I’ll bring my work in tomorrow.”
The following day Steven sprang from the bus with his portfolio in hand and made a bee line to Jillians locker.
Impressed and a bit intimidated (not that she would admit to it) with a real portfolio Jillian took the large envelope full of art and thumbed through it.
“Take it and look at it for the day and I’ll be back here before schools over.” Steven found himself saying to his own shock. Never had he trusted anyone with something so personal and irreplaceable as that portfolio.
“I will…thanks.” Jillian replied. She knew the trust that it took to give a stranger all of those hours of your work to someone that you just met, and it hit her heart in a place only artists know.
At the end of the day she returned his portfolio to him near her locker with a gentle smile.
“You’re honestly better than me,” she started “I’m just more popular than you.”
It was a quick recovery before she would admit her true feelings. He was something special and she knew that.
After that day the two of them were inseparable and quickly became good friends for a few years… how they became a couple later, well that’s a different story for another time. But all that I will end this with is that their friendship pulled them through each and every time. And that’s all any fairy tale ending will ask for.
“Well presenting different flowers, even different color roses to a woman means different things.
For example, White is for purity, Red is for love, Black is for mourning, Yellow is for friendship…” etc. -Jillian
” Then our rose would be a yellow rose with red tips.” – Steve
“Why is that?” -Jillian
“Because we had a friendship that grew into love.” -Steven


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