Becca and Josiah | Ragged Mt Resort Wedding | Danbury, NH Wedding Photographer

Josiah and Becca went to high school together and  were both in the school band, as well as many of the same clubs and activities. They went on a couple of dates during junior year. In the summer before senior year (2010) they went to White’s Park and had a picnic where he asked her to be his girlfriend. Five years later, the day she graduated college, they went to the same park, had a cupcake, a bottle of sparkling cider, and he proposed.

Josiah and Becca’s wedding was filled with so much love. Their sunset mountain top ceremony was decorated with birch trees and flowers of blue and white hues. Their bridal party of 12 made the prefect entourage as they traveled down the stone walkway grazed with white rose petals. There was not a dry eye in sight as the couple made their vows in front of friends and family. The reception at Ragged mountain resort was decorated with twinkle lights and blue stars hanging from above. The night started off with the couples first dance and some very touching toast by the sisters of Becca and the Best Man of Josiah. The son and mother dance was a moment to remember as they danced to 20’s swing music. They shared some epic dance moves. Then came the father daughter dance. They danced to the Peanuts Theme song which brought back childhood memories for all.  Josiah also surprised his bride with a song he wrote for her and played it n hist guitar  at the reception. Yea! that was epic! The night ended with a fire pit surrounded by friends and family roasting marshmallows under the stars. It was an honor to document their love story. Here are some of my favorites from their day!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Vendt!!!

Thank you to the vendors who made this day amazing!

Venue: Ragged Mountain Resort 

Flowers: Forest Cone and Evergreen Shop, Wilmot NH

Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas

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Luxury Boho Chic Bridal Shoot | New Life Photography

Ms Massachusetts 2016 was the perfect model for this inspirational shoot. This photoshoot was inspired by the modern romantic bride. We incorporated pink and green accents to bring out the beauty in nature. The farm made for the perfect setting as it had many rustic features. The swoon worthy white cake was designed by food network cupcake wars winner, chef Alina Eisenhauer. The horse necklace was custom made by Herbert florist along with all the floral details. By adding pearls and diamonds to the bride it gave her a luxury look. Her pure white gown was crafted of many layers of tulle to give her a romantic look. All of these aspects combined created the perfect luxury boho chic bride. It was a dream working with such an amazing team of creatives.

Thank you to the creative team that brought this vision to life!
Cake: Sweet – Kitchen & Bar
Jewelry: Maria’s Fine Jewelry
Dress: In White – Springfield
Flowers: Herbert E. Berg Florist
Venue: Ridge Valley Stables, Inc
Hair and Makeup: Lillian Clemmey
Invitations: C.U.T Invitations
Videography & behind the scenes: Jennie Garcia
Photography by New Life Photography

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Shannon & Eric | Quinsigamond Lake | Engagement

2016-09-06_0077It was the prefect summer day during golden hour on Quinsigamond Lake photographing these two love birds. Shannon and Eric will be saying I do this year in New Hampshire in front of friends and family. I am so excited for their wedding day. Shannon shared with me that many details from her wedding are handmade by her. She even brought beautiful pastel colored paper flowers to the session. They were perfect for displaying her engagement ring. Which by the way had the most sentimental engraving inside. “Past. Present. Future”. Her creative passion is so inspiring.

Congratulations to Shannon and Eric on finding your life partner.

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Thio and Drew engagement session | Boston, MA Wedding photographer

engagement session outdoors worcester
Once upon a time a princess met a prince and they fell in love. He knew he could not live without her and one day he got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. She said yes and now just a few months away they will say I DO in a magical place.
Congratulations Thio and Drew on your engagement!
It is my honor to be your wedding photographer.
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