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The Harding Allen Estate Barre,MA Wedding

Jillian & Steven

August 18, 2016

Here is a little story from Jillian on how he proposed: Three years after we first met in high school (in 2007) Steven brings me again to one of our most special spots, North Brookfield Apple Orchids. It is a beautiful sunny day with a band of little white fluffy clouds in an otherwise blue sky with just a hint of a light August breeze. We sit together at the picnic table near the swings with our brown bags of penny candy. Steven begins by telling me about how quickly we became best friends and how deeply he feels about us. We have already faced so many obstacles together in such a short time and it is not just a blessing that we came out so strong through it all, it is fate and we both feel it. He then pulls out a long box from his pocket and hands it to me. A bit surprised I open the gift. I can tell it is professionally wrapped in thick almost card-stock-like paper, so I know whatever it was it has to special. Inside is a long black velvet box. I crack it open and inside the box is a silver and peridot bracelet laying on the inside. Steven holds my hand and asked, “Will you be my girlfriend? That day we carved our names on our apple tree and every year on our anniversary after that we freshen it back up.  On our 6 year anniversary (in 2013) we traditionally went back to the Orchids to refresh our carving once again, grab some more penny candy (of course), swing on the swings and just enjoy our time together. Steven leads me back to the same picnic table and he then makes such a beautiful, heartfelt speech about us. I wish I could have remembered it word for word. It came out easy for him, poetically even, like he had it memorized from years past. He gets down on one knee and ends the speech with, “Will you be my wife?” He pulls out a small black box from his pant pocket. He opens the box and there sits a dainty Victorian ring shining back at me. There was nothing in life that I want more. The same day that he asked me to be his girlfriend and his wife is the day we chose to promise ourselves to each other in love and get married. August 18th.

Their wedding day: Oh where do I begin. The wedding of Jillian and Steven was like out of a Cinderella book. It was magical, charming and enchanting all at once. Their details were hunted down by them from different parts of New England. Steven and Jill love everything vintage and historic. Hence the venue, but they also incorporated that into every part of their wedding. From her french gown to the vintage clock table centerpieces every detail meant something to the couple. Their vows left not a dry eye at their garden ceremony. Even I was tearing up behind the camera. At the reception they wowed guest with an epic dance choreography. They ended the night with lots of dancing along friends and family.

 Thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer. xo Teranie

Thank you to the wedding vendors who made this day possible!

Invitations -Chase Graphics / 124 School St. Putnam, CT / (860) 928-3973 / www.chasegraphics.net
Rings – Showcase Antiques / 371 Main St. Sturbridge, MA / www.showcaseantiques.com
           – Abigail’s Jewel Box /76 Main st. Putnam, CT / (860) 928-1300 / www.abigailsjewelbox.com
           – Cormier Jewelers & Art Gallery / 136 Main St. Spencer, MA / (888) 988-3295 / www.cormierspencer.com
Gown – Bella’s Bridal Boutique / 490 Shrewsbury St. Piccadilly Plaza Worcester, MA/ (508) 753-4426
Suits – Men’s Warehouse /385 Southbridge St. Auburn, MA / (508) 832-3195
Ceremony/Reception/Catering –The Harding Allen Estate / 27 West St. Barre, MA / (978) 355-4920 / www.harding-allen.com 
      Florist -Katie Wallace – The Potting Shed  (978) 502-5804
      DJ  -Bob Solano (781) 640-5164 / (603) 882-3441 bcsolano.bs@gmail.com
      JP -Spiro Efstathiou (508)826-7775
      Coordinator – Alex Whitaker 


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