5 Ways to calm your nerves the week of your wedding

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5 ways to calm your nerves the week of your wedding

First things first! Grab a cup of your favorite drink (mine is tea) and cozy up with a blanket, as I walk you through the best ways to calm your nerves on your wedding day. I will walk you step by step though this exercise. Now that you are free of distractions and the mood is set lets begin.

Step 1- Take 3 deep breaths. And I mean deep. Inhale and exhale. Feel your body relaxing. Rotate your head to relieve tension. Shake your shoulders and stretch your arms. Wiggle your toes. Okay you are good to go.

Step 2- Visualize everything you have planned and how it will go. Take it from the top. You waking up on your wedding day grabbing a cup of coffee or tea and having a moment of silence to yourself to prepare for the events ahead. Maybe you send your love a quick text telling him you love him. The proceed to Visualize the day step by step. Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed and do not think of everything at one. Think of it as a movie playing.

Step 3- Did you notice anything you forgot to plan or take care of? If you did then make a little to do list to tackle that or delegate. If you didn’t notice anything and your day went as planned great!

Step 4- This one can be scary but its necessary. Visualize the things that scare you might go wrong. Think of the fears you may have. Feel them and then let them go. Feel and let go. Feel and let go. Why do I say this? Because they are just fears and even if they do happen they are not likely to happen because you have done everything to plan for this big day. You have a team of professionals who have your back and are there for anything that comes up. That’s why you hired the best.

Step 5- Now Take a moment to remember why you are marrying your love. What is the most important thing to both of you? What is the point of the wedding? You will begin to see that at the end of the day the most important thing is your love and celebrating it with friends and family. Keep that in your mind any time you feel anxious. Keep in mind the love that you are celebrating is the most important aspect of your wedding day.

Lastly, I just want you to relax. Throughout your day I want you to be fully present and in the

moment. Take the time to stop together and soak it all in, it truly is surreal to see your friends and

family all in one place at one time celebrating the love you have for one another.


Sending you a big hug