Cindy & Silvestre Wedding | Venus De Milo Swansea, Massachusetts Wedding Photographer

Venus de Milo Wedding

Swansea, MA | Boston Wedding Photographer

Silvester & Cindy have a bond that pours from their hearts. From the moment I met them they could not stop gazing at eachother. All the way to the moment he watched her as she glided down the isle. He barely blinked. Their 300 guest wedding was nothing short of gorgeous. The love that poured from the hearts of all the guest was shared during the reception as friends and family gave their toast to the bride and groom. The first dance with dad brought tears to Cindys eyes as they shared in a once in a lifetime moment. It was such an honor to photograph this elegant dream wedding.

Here is a little back story of the bride and groom as told by Cindy.

The Proposal: On our first date, when Silvestre brought me home, we sat on a bench that my father built for my sister’s wedding over 10 years ago. The bench was near a stream that runs through my back yard and it was here that we shared our first kiss and he told me, I know this sounds crazy but I am sure we are going to get married someday. On this very same bench, around the exact same time of year my father built that bench years ago, Silvestre asked for my hand in marriage in July of 2016.  I was in running shorts and a t-shirt, just the way he liked me, with no make-up and my hair looking crazy.  He got down on one knee and said a lot of things and all I could remember is that his mouth was moving and my heart was stopping. We sat and talked about our relationship and our future as husband and wife on that bench, until the sun came up.

Thank you to the creative team that made this day possible!

Photography: Teranie Tirado- New Life Photography
Venue: Venus de Milo Restaurant & Banquet Facility
Videographer: Cody Rodriguez
Decorator: Aidil
DJ: Valentina Cafferky-Marianetti
Hair: Hair indulgence
Makeup: Marelin Vergara
Invitations: Etsy
Gown: David’s Bridal
Cake: Amanda Faria
Men Suits: Macy’s
Transportation: Hummer Night Out

Jen & Jon | Pleasant Valley Country Club Wedding | Sutton, MA

Jen & Jon Wedding

Thank you to the creative team:  Flowers by Herbert E. Berg Florist Venue | Food- Pleasant Valley Country Club | Band- Men In Black 2 | Hair & Makeup- Christina Mastro Invitations- Minted | Bridal Gown- Maggie Sottero Designs | Cake- Bean Counter Coffee Bar and Bakery | Mens suits- Men’s Wearhouse and Tux | Photobooth- PixelPod Photo Booth | Officiant- Tara Phillips

Bride tells the story: We met online. Our first date was going to be just a quick coffee date, which turned into a 7hr date in Boston (the coffee shop was not in Boston, we just decided to go there on a whim). Without an agenda, we walked all over the city and landed in Faneuil hall. We at dinner Anthem Kitchen and Bar and we go there on our anniversary. We also have a tradition of buying Christmas ornaments in Faneuil hall every time we go there. We both knew on our first date we were going to get married, but neither of us said it of course. He proposed at home, down on one knee.

Cheers to the newlyweds! It was an honor being your wedding photographer. – Teranie Tirado



Lindiana & John Semidei Destination Wedding | Rio Grande, Puerto Rico | Hacienda Siesta Alegre

Lindiana & John Semidei

Rio Grande, Puerto Rico | Wedding Photographer

Hacienda Siesta Alegre

Lindiana and John were meant to be together since the moment their paths crossed. They both share many passions including the love for salsa dancing. Their wedding belongs on the pages of a magazine. Every detail reflected the beauty of their love. It was breathtaking. They were surrounded by loved ones as their said their vows which brought tears of joy to many. The bride and groom danced the night away under the stars with the sound of coquis in the background. The fresh air from El Yunque rain forest carried a breezem, that combined with the numerous fresh flowers around the reception, left everyone feeling in enchanted.

Congraulations to Mr and Mrs Semidei! It was an honor to photograph your wedding day!

A big thank you to the team of vendors that made this day extraordinary!

Venue: Hacienda Siesta Alegre Inn | DJ: Big J Music | Brides dress: Vows | Decorations: Black HC Flowers Events| Catering: Nilsa Colon| Officiant: Aida M. Mari-Roca| Wedding Coordinator: Yolanda De Jesus| Assistant Photographer: Youri Claessens

Lakeview Pavilion | Adam & Marelin Wedding | Foxborough, MA Wedding Photographer

Marelin and Adam dated for almost an eternity. Just kidding, but really a long time as the couple and their friends told me. But I say anything worth having doesn’t come easy and is worth waiting for. Marelin and Adam did a first look under a gazebo at the venue surrounded by the beautiful fall foliage. Later they headed to the ceremony where tears of joy poured from family and friends as they said their vows. These two love birds got hitched finally and the love that filled the room was very evident. Two families uniting and celebrating love is a beautiful thing to watch. Their venue was definitely one of my favorites this season. The recently renovated Lakeview Pavilion was stunning. Everywhere you turned there were chandeliers and beautiful draped white curtains. Every inch of that place was breathtaking. The DJ was Baltazar from Bostons Jamn 94.5. He kept everyone dancing on the dance floor. Mixing it up from spanish music to english. He incorporated the two cultures beautifully into the wedding day. This Sunday brunch wedding was chic, fun and elegant all wrapped in a bow.

It was an honor being your wedding photographer. -Teranie

Thank you to the wedding vendors:

DJ | Boston Wedding DJ Baltazar Entertainment
Ceremony & Reception | Lakeview Pavilion
Flower | Judy’s Village Flowers
Cake | Montilio’s Baking Company
Groom suit | INDOCHINO
Limo | East Coast Limousine Service Inc
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Scout House | Meagan & Michael Wedding| Concord, MA Wedding Photographer

From the moment I met Mike and Meg for their engagement session I knew their wedding was going to be amazing. They are so sweet and caring. Their wedding was a pure reflection of who they are are human beings. I describe it as classy and romantic.  Mike and Meg did a first look at the Colonial Inn in Concord, MA. Afterwards we went for a walk through town for some formal portraits. They said their vows at the beautiful white Martha Mary Chapel in Sudbury. Followed by an outdoor cocktail hour at the Mill. Later the couple headed to the reception. The candle lit reception was a dream.  The Scout House in Concord was perfectly decorated. The room ceiling was covered in string lights that went from one side of the room to the other. The tables were covered with beautiful greenery and blooming flowers. My favorite part were the white pumpkins. There were everywhere. Meagan’s gown was a beautiful lace gown and she rocked some Toms so she could be comfortable and dance all night long.  The father of the bride gave a very touching speech about the things Meagan would do as a child like running a baby sitting out of their home. These moments and may more were shared with friends and family. It sure was a night to remember.

Thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer.

Thank you to the wedding vendors that made this day possible.

DJ: Jeff Fowler Productions | Reception: Concord Scout House | Ceremony: Martha Mary Chapel | Hair and Makeup: Special Event Beauty Jacki Crugnola | Invitations: Paper Source | Gown: Maggie Sottero from Camillas Bridal | Baker: Georgetown Cupcake | Lighting: Design Light | Wedding Coordinator: Ghislane Ruiz | Food: Daves Fresh Pasta | Catering/ Bartending: Caterstaff

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Julianne & Kenneth | Loon Mountain | 1920s Theme | Lincoln, NH Wedding

Julianne & Kenneth

September 30, 2016

Julianne is from New England and Kenny is from Florida. These two were a match made in heaven. Their 1920s inspired wedding was a hit. The guest even joined in the fun and showed up dressed up as flapper girls and mobsters. The guest enjoyed views of Loon Mountain as they went up on a ride in a gondola. At the top of the mountain guest watched the bride and groom say I do overlooking the New Hampshire mountain sky line. Being that is was September everyone was able to enjoy the beginning of foliage season from a mountain top.

Thank you Kenny & Julianne for choosing me as your wedding photographer -xo Teranie

Thank you to the wedding vendors:
Flowers were by Dawn Berg at Cherry Blossoms located in Littleton, NH.
Bridal gown from CC Bridal in St Petersburg FL. The designer is Essense of Australia.
Bridesmaids dresses from David’s bridal.
The groom and groomsmen tuxs from Sacino’s in Tampa.
Hair  by Leann Gamble.
Makeup  by Ashlee Lambert.
DJ was Shaun Yelle with Get Down Tonight entertainment.
Day of coordinator was Jillian Bromley from Loon Mountain
Cake by Joseph’s Trattoria in Haverhill, MA.


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